Season 2: #18: This, Not That

This month Jenifer and Adriénne chat about big life changes. Adriénne has decided to homeschool her children and Jenifer moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

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  • Adriénne applied for a job which she was totally qualified for and she didn’t overthink it. She just did it.
  • Jenifer applied for a job that she probably was not qualified for, but that sounded totally interesting.
  • Adriénne has been preemptively over-explaining her decision to homeschool her children.

  • Jenifer has been getting overly defensive about her decision to change careers and leave academia.


  • Adriénne’s Brazen BFF is her sister who became a mother this month.

  • Jenifer’s is her mother-in-law, the most zen solid person she knows. And also Brian who planned an amazing ten year anniversary. Bonus: Jenifer shares the terrible anniversary trip she once planned.

Level Up: Resources/ Links mentioned in this episode:

In Louisville!:

Louisville’s Fabulous Parks System

Louisville’s Awesome Farmer’s Market

In Virginia:

Cullipher Farm

Home School Out of the Box Co-op in Norfolk

On the interwebs:

The Artful Parent


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