Saying No

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I just completed a Say No marathon where I challenged myself to Say No twenty ways for twenty days.
I did it because I want women to know that they have a right and responsibility to say no. We have to say no in order to take care of ourselves, to keep ourselves safe, to protect our organizations. To get our jobs done. We have to say no to being “Mom” at work, to taking on all of the work at home, and to sexual harassment.
This month, we talk to Neisha Himes who is saying no to domestic violence. Since I met Neisha barely five months ago, she has started a foundation to support girls and help them know their worth, she has supported multiple women as they left their abusers, and she has completed a course in human trafficking prevention. She has also performed, spoken out on social media, sent inspiration and encouragement to women all over the world, gotten married, and taken her family to Disney World.
Neisha is saying yes to so much to say no to Domestic Violence. She’s my hero.
If you can, please join her in her efforts. Volunteer a day, make a donation, send her encouragement, promote her work. And really, really listen when she tells us that the abused woman needs you to listen, to support, and to refrain from judging.
Thank you all so much for your work supporting the women in your lives. And thank you for supporting us. Maybe take a moment today to reach out to your Brazen BFF and give her the gift of listening without judgment.

In Pamela Taylor’s TED talk, she discusses Creating a Safe Space for the Empowerment of Women.

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