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Season 2, #19: Summer Sauciness

Summer is winning at both Adriénne's & Jenifer's homes. But these two everyday experts keep challenging one another to level up in work & life... with the usual fun & ferocity of their trusted friendship. This month, they look for the light at the end of...

Season 2: #18: This, Not That

This month Jenifer and Adriénne chat about big life changes. Adriénne has decided to homeschool her children and Jenifer moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

#17: Taking a Break!

In this episode, recorded from a scenic park bench setting (see image below), Adriénne shares a tip to help you be more brazen at work & life. This episode is a short one, because we are taking a break! We will be back with our next episode of Brazen BFF Podcast...

#16: No Judgment! with Modern Femme

Katy Blevins Calabrese co-founded Modern Femme™, a convention and community that encourages women to "design a dynamic life that allows us to explore and challenge our professional ambitions while also cherishing space for the people that matter most in our lives." We...

#15: Taking the Leap with Jacki Paolella

This month, we talk with everyday expert audio engineer/ producer/ composer/ musician Jacki Paolella about how and when to take the leap… [Spoiler: It’s before we are sure we’re ready.]

Why We March

Jenifer Alonzo and Adriénne Kouremetis take you live to the Women’s March on Washington. We explore a few of the issues that are at the heart of Why We March, why we will keep on marching, protesting, calling our government leaders, and standing in solidarity to support one another’s human rights.

#13: Happy New Year!

Jenifer & Adriénne celebrate their wins for 2016 and their changing outlook for 2017: with clear work/ life balance, business, & podcasting goals. They vow to make more art, amplify their feminist voices, and stand up for others more!

#11: Starting a Company

From Academia to Entrepreneurship: Elaine Horn-Ranney, PhD, shares her story of leaving academia to create her own job opportunity by starting a company.

#10: Beautiful Dizaster

Our guest this month is Neisha Himes, a poet/ spoken word artist known as “Beautiful Dizaster,” who shares her story of surviving and eventually leaving an abusive relationship. Neisha inspires others with her performances and her advocacy, through which she works to stop the domestic violence cycle of abuse.

#9: An Art Business & Life “Outside the Lines”

What do we do when the reality of something does not line up with our expectations of it? How do we slow down, get quiet, and observe the signs around us? How do we align our passions with our daily lives? This month Jenifer and Adriénne talk with Melanie Cramer, creator and owner of Outside the Lines Young Artists’ Studio. She made a business out of her passions, and shares her journey with us. We discuss these topics and so much more in this beautiful episode.

#8: Leaving a Dead-End Job and Leveling Up

Nikki Kilgore was working in a dead-end administrative job. She finally convinced herself it was OK to look for something better. She has now leveled up through four positions in three companies, negotiated increasingly higher salaries and discovered that women who support each other are awesome!

BBFF 007: Running for Office

How far would you go to make a difference in people’s lives? Advocacy is a favorite topic of discussion at Brazen BFF, and our podcast guest for Episode 7 is a woman who not only learned how to brazenly advocate for herself, but also decided that she could best advocate for others by entering public office.

BBFF 006: Teaching in Kuwait to Meet Financial Goals

Have you ever been curious about life in the Middle East? Our guest this week is a brave woman who took a personal and professional gamble by accepting a university teaching job in Kuwait. Her expectations were exceeded, and she is here to share her story.

BBFF 005: Money: You Can Deal

We are so excited to have our first guest on Brazen BFF Podcast. An everyday expert in the financial planning industry, Meg Bartelt, is here to talk with us about work/ life blend, doing things her own way, and what you really need to know about your money.

BBFF 004: Fearless Networking

Jenifer and Adriénne agree that the current state of professional networking stinks.

Remember when networking was about a skilled host helping people meet each other over excellent food and drinks? Yeah, we don’t remember either…

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