Brazen BFF Mini-Coaching Session Contest!








What You Get if You Win
  • 60 MINUTES with Jenifer Alonzo as your coach, tackling one specific communication problem
  • In person if you live in Louisville, KY or online if you live anywhere else
  • Learn Strategies to Calm Your Nerves
  • Define Your Goal
  • Decide What You are Going to Say
  • Practice Saying It
  • Power Up Your Body Language
Examples of Specific Communication Problems to Work on In This Session

Choose One problem to work on in this session. A Few possible examples:

  • Getting interrupted all the time?
  • Ready to negotiate a larger salary? 
  • Is it time to speak up? 
  • Ready to discuss your big idea? 
  • Is it time to address sexist comments? 
  • Planning a difficult discussion with a team member or boss?
Details & Rules
  • Limit of one entry per person.
  • A winner will be chosen at random from all entries received by 12pm (noon) Eastern Time on 9/30/17.
  • We will choose the winner later that day, and will notify the winner the following week.
  • We will announce the first name only of the winner on our website, our email newsletter, and our podcast.
  • This contest is operated by Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC. We provide coaching services only and cannot guarantee results.
  • Our ideal client understands that progress requires effort. The outcome of your work will depend upon your intentionality & action.

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