Happy New Year!

I just edited our New Year podcast and I realized that I completely avoided the question of personal resolutions. I’ve had a couple days to think about it and I still feel the same way. Sure I want to exercise more consistently. And maybe read some books. That’s all...

Saying No

I just completed a Say No marathon where I challenged myself to Say No twenty ways for twenty days. I did it because I want women to know that they have a right and responsibility to say no. We have to say no in order to take care of ourselves, to keep ourselves safe,...

Rehearse for Success

I am so excited for Andria McClellan, our guest on BrazenBFF Podcast Episode #7: Running for Office.  She saw a problem in the way our city works, she decided to do something about it, AND she loves her new life as a City Council Member. I tell myself and I tell my...

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