There weren’t many things that I was absolutely sure of upon entering my adult life. My childhood was rife with heartbreak, loss, sadness, and betrayal. This taught me that life is precarious, fragile. Things break, fall apart, and change when you least expect...

Rehearse for Success

I am so excited for Andria McClellan, our guest on BrazenBFF Podcast Episode #7: Running for Office.  She saw a problem in the way our city works, she decided to do something about it, AND she loves her new life as a City Council Member. I tell myself and I tell my...

Myths About Academia

I am an academic. And I earned the big prize (tenure) in 2014. There are lots of really great things about being a college professor.  (NOT summers off. We don’t actually get that…). I am largely autonomous. I control my work in the classroom and I get to define and...

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