There weren't many things that I was absolutely sure of upon entering my adult life. My childhood was rife with heartbreak, loss, sadness, and betrayal. This taught me that life is precarious, fragile. Things break, fall apart, and change when you least expect it. I...

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Networking Survival Guide

Networking events. I bet you hate them. You aren’t alone. As a professional actor and director, I have been teaching professionals and academics how to use acting skills to improve their communication in formal and informal situations for almost a decade. Almost...

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Welcome to Brazen BFF

I have been fortunate to have always had at least a couple of BFF’s in every phase of my life. That is my style, really: I will always choose intimacy over superficiality, orgasm over flirting, honesty over polite small talk, and dinner over drinks. That’s just me. Those deep connections are essential to my well-being.

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Welcome to Brazen BFF

All these women have helped me pretend to be just a little better than I actually am until I woke one day and found myself actually better… no longer pretending.
Now, fifteen years on, I am ready to change again. The vehicle for that change is Brazen BFF Podcast and website.

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