Brazen BFF Episode 7: Running for Office

How far would you go to make a difference in people’s lives? Advocacy is a favorite topic of discussion at Brazen BFF, and our podcast guest for Episode 7 is a woman who not only learned how to brazenly advocate for herself, but also decided that she could best advocate for others by entering public office.

This month Jenifer and Adriénne talk with Andria McClellan, who was elected as a Member of City Council in Norfolk, VA, Superward 6, on May 3rd, 2016.

Andria shares why she decided to run for City Council (because she could make a difference and she could fight injustice). She tells us about how she loved every moment of campaigning even though she did open herself up to some negativity by doing so. She dishes about fundraising and family. Andria helps us learn how to prepare for running for office (even if it seems like a very FUTURE possibility), how to help out on campaigns, how to get more active in advocating on a local political level, and which organizations train women candidates. We talk about how Andria’s public school theatre education helped her develop confidence early in her life (Thank You Susan Winston of Green Run High School!). Finally, Andria tells us how working with Jenifer helped her improve her public speaking – especially her ability to deliver a memorized speech naturally.

Jenifer shares some of her tips for a successful presentation in this episode’s Freebie.

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  • Andria smiled and continued when the former mayor of Norfolk tried to shut her down at a council meeting (then she decided to run for office).
  • Adriénne designed and built a website outside in her fabulous backyard, getting paid to do what she loves.
  • Jenifer actually took a vacation and she hiked all over Pisgah National Forest with her two small children.
  • Andria fought and fought to be in two places at once but finally had to take a lesson from her 11 year old that sometimes it’s better to just stay home and enjoy life. 

  • Adriénne suffered from party shyness.

  • Jenifer is coming to terms with a failed negotiation, but Andria thinks this one is going to work out in an unexpected way (yay).

  • Andria gives shouts out to her two campaign managers  – most recently Jessie Williams.

  • Adriénne  talks up her daughter’s fourth grade teachers Ann Dubik and Jennifer Warsaw.

  • Jenifer tells us about her former student and his new project Straight Talk – on YouTube and Facebook.

Andria McClellan

Andria McClellan

Norfolk City Council Member, Superward 6

Ms. McClellan was elected to Council on May 3, 2016 to serve Superward 6 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Ms. McClellan was raised in Hampton Roads and educated in Virginia Beach Public Schools, graduating in 1987 from Green Run High School, where she served as Student Council President for this school of 3000 students.   She received her bachelor’s degree in 1991 from the University of Virginia, after which she began her career in sales/marketing, working for two Fortune 500 companies.  Following that, Ms. McClellan graduated from the Wharton Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996 and then ran two small businesses before returning to Hampton Roads to focus on raising her growing family. She has resided with her family in Norfolk since 2002.

Ms. McClellan is also a proud graduate of the Sorensen Institute’s Political Training Program at the University of Virginia, the CIVIC Leadership Executive Training Program, and EMERGE Virginia.

With her three sons and husband Mike, Ms. McClellan resides in Ghent, where she is a member of the Ghent Neighborhood League and Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

  • WHRO
  • Norfolk Public Schools, Open Campus, Advisory Board Chair
  • CIVIC Leadership Foundation, Executive Board
  • OneVirginia2021, Regional Advisory Board

Training for Female Candidates:

Other political leadership training:

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