Brazen BFF Episode 5: Money: You Can Deal

We are so excited to have our first guest on Brazen BFF Podcast. An everyday expert in the financial planning industry, Meg Bartelt, is here to talk with us about work/ life blend, doing things her own way, and what you really need to know about your money.


We love Meg’s honest, refreshing approach to finances and life, and her unique, individualized advice, specific to each client’s needs & goals.

If YOU want more out of work and life, and you need a little nudge in dealing with your finances, then you have come to the right place!

Topics Discussed in this Episode
  • Meg tells us about the epic road trip she took with her husband and children, ages 1 and 4, to find a home that felt like home.
  • She tells us about starting her own business and how she became a fee-only virtual financial planner.
  • Then she offers financial advice to those of us (Jenifer!) who have anxiety about money.
  • She walks us through financial prioritization: dealing with debt, saving for the future, and buying insurance.
  • She talks about why women need a financial planner and why, if your planner makes you feel bad about money, you should find a new planner.
  • We all agree that, as it turns out, personal financial planning is personal, and what works for one, might not work for all.
  • Meg launched her business Flow Financial Planning and she called up complete strangers so that she could introduce herself, invite them for coffee and ask them to refer business to her. Yay! Meg.
  • Jenifer forced herself to invite people she didn’t know very well to be guests on the BrazenBFF podcast.
  • Adriénne ran a 5K with her daughter (and it was totes easy because she had kept up with her training schedule).
  • Meg tells how her six-year-old called her “The Most Boring Mother Ever,” and deals with misplaced insecurities about how she spends her time.
  • Adriénne admits to having a short fuse with her children.
  • Jenifer owns up to giving up the weight bench at the gym even though she was only half-way through her set.
  • Meg: Her friend Frannie, who lives life to the fullest in the moment and pulls Meg out of her conservative, planning self!
  • Adriénne: While single-parenting it this week, she tells us about her mother, Pam Falgoust, who was a single parent to Adriénne and her sister all the time when they were growing up.
  • Jenifer: Nia Shanks, who tells women to lift heavy weights and stop obsessing over the scale.
Meg Bartelt

Meg Bartelt

Registered Investment Advisor / President of Flow Financial Planning, LLC

Meg recently launched her own financial planning firm, Flow Financial Planning, LLC. Flow is a fee-only, virtual planning firm specializing in women balancing parenthood and a career the tech industry.

Meg entered the financial planning profession about 7 years ago. It’s easy for her to keep track because she decided to switch careers when she was pregnant with her first child (her first lesson in balancing parenthood and career). After getting an academic training in financial planning, she worked for fee-only firms for several years.

Prior to becoming a financial planner, Meg worked as a technical writer for 10 years in high tech in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was often the only woman in the engineering group. Meg grew up in coastal Virginia, and moved back there from San Francisco after having her first child. But the west coast never released its grip. She now lives in Bellingham, WA.

Like any mother, working or otherwise, Meg’s hobbies include endless drudgery of various sorts. But when the household can look after itself, she loves life in the Pacific Northwest, where so many of her interests–hiking, biking, yoga, gardening, a good latte–are part of the fabric of life.

Meg has a BA in Economics from Wellesley College and a MS in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association and an Associate Member of the XY Planning Network.

You can read more of her financial advice on her blog, or by scheduling a consultation with her.

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