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When you present yourself in an authentic, engaging way, PEOPLE LISTEN. At Brazen BFF, we share actionable tools that really work. Join our community of everyday experts and get the tools & tips you need to level up in work and life – delivered with all the fun and ferocity of a trusted friend!

Vocal/Physical/ Mindset Strategies

Techniques to increase vocal and physical confidence and shift your mindset so that you can reach your personal and professional goals!

Social/ Cultural Exploration

Explore the social and cultural obstacles that may be holding you back.

Everyday Experts

By supporting and challenging one another, we exponentially increase our power and our results. We talk with women who are experts in their fields, who are working, just like us, to get what they want out of their work and their lives. By learning from each other’s expertise and taking action, together we build a community of Brazen BFF’s.

Be a Part of Our Community!

You are invited to join us on this journey: ask questions, share your ideas and life-hacks, and grow with us into your better life and career!

Our Story & Our Coaching Business

Brazen BFF is produced by Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC, which is co-founded and co-owned by Adriénne Kouremetis and Jenifer Alonzo.

How do your body language and your vocal habits affect your life? More than you may realize! Every interaction in our lives is an opportunity to meet a goal: whether it’s simply establishing a connection with someone we would like to know better, developing a professional rapport, communicating about our work, making a pitch, or negotiating for a raise or promotion.

As two former actors with a wealth of techniques to help increase vocal and physical confidence, we started Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC. Through one-on-one coaching and ensemble workshops, we share strategies and skills to help individuals achieve more respect at work, affirm their authority, embrace their strength, and ultimately level up in their careers.

Jenifer Alonzo

Jenifer Alonzo


As Associate Professor of Communication and Theatre Arts at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, Jenifer has spent the last ten years researching and teaching how acting tools can support scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in reaching their professional goals. She co-founded Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC, and serves as the Lead Communication Trainer and Instructional Designer. As a podcasting enthusiast, respected blogger, and conduit to an amazing network of everyday experts, she is excited to expand her work to a global audience through Brazen BFF Podcast.

Adriénne Kouremetis

Adriénne Kouremetis


As a former actor and teacher, Adriénne started learning coding in January of 2015, and found her ultimate career love. She co-founded Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC, where her passions align perfectly as the Web Designer and Content Manager. She now spends her days designing and building websites and online content, stepping outside of her comfort zone frequently, and exploring fascinating topics with her brazen bestie and a fabulous community of everyday experts through Brazen BFF Podcast!

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