#8: Leaving a Dead-End Job and Leveling Up!

Nikki Kilgore was working in a dead-end administrative job in 2011.

She finally convinced herself it was OK to look for something better. She took a small pay cut to begin a new career as a web designer and developer (skills she had been using at her previous job, but hadn’t been getting paid any extra $ for!).

She has now leveled up through four positions in three companies, negotiated increasingly higher salaries, and discovered that women who support each other are awesome!

One of Nikki’s highest priorities when choosing to change positions or companies is making sure she will learn and grow in each new position. She has a killer Linked-In profile, which ensures that she’s only a recruiter call away from a better position anytime she’s ready!

Her women bosses have always been the first to congratulate her when she finds a better position. Her current boss fought to keep her and increased her salary.

Finally, we learn how playing bass taught Nikki how to deal with sexism in tech.

Jenifer shares some of her tips for “10 Ways to Act Your Best, Most Confident Self” in this episode’s Freebie.

At Brazen BFF podcast, blog, & community, we share resources and inspiration to help each other level up in work and life. We all have BUSY lives, and it’s hard to find the time to share our stories with one another. Here at Brazen BFF, “everyday expert” women share their incredible stories, so that you can access them at the time that works for you in YOUR busy life.

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  • Nikki recorded a song that she’s been working on for ages.

  • Jenifer asked people to be her friend on FaceBook.

  • Adriénne embraces the work/life blend and figures out how to help her children occupy themselves while home for the summer, while she works from home.

  • Nikki subjected herself to an unnecessary amount of anxiety as she went to work after sending her girls to summer day camp for the very first time. Adriénne thinks it was also a brazen moment, as she overcame her anxious impulses, and forced herself not to go there and check in on them, but instead let it be.

  • Jenifer admits to a bad habit of swooping in to rescue the situation when her two-year-old and husband are in conflict.

  • Adriénne tells us about how she let the weather and the kids direct her day, skipped her workout, and ended up having a day of chaos with the kids at the house.

  • Nikki gives a shout out to Alexis Brown who finished her degree in the spring!

  • Jenifer is excited about former student Brittany S. Harris’s project ‘Keep Calm and Create On.’

  • Adriénne tells us about awesome singer/songwriter Brittain Ashford, of the band Prairie Empire, whose newest album, The Salt was released on July 1st, and who spent 5 weeks touring the U.S.
Nikki Kilgore

Nikki Kilgore

Web Designer/Developer

Nikki is a web designer/developer for strategic expansion projects at Optima Health.  Her job handles the creation and implementation of both design and content strategy for future Optima Health related websites.
She is also the sole proprietor of Heady Design Co., a one woman design studio for small business and educational websites as well as an umbrella for all the inter-webs that she loves.  Those loves include her intermittent blog HeadyMatters, about creativity, motherhood and happiness as well as a place for her crafty and musical distractions, HeadyThings.
Nikki is a creative professional seeking new avenues of expression and trying to find ways to engage others everyday.

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