Season 2, #20: Look Ma, No Pants!

In our Pants-less Polka-Pot Podcast episode, we discuss “polka pots,” blanket forts, and sitting around the closet with no pants.

Also explored in our pants-less discussion:

  • Responding to racism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism.
  • Putting yourself out there and doing the right thing when all the hate doesn’t directly affect you.
  • What to do about Houston – Or getting prepared for disaster with more than empathy.
  • Performing, selfishness, and performing selfishness (Jenifer considers the purchase of a winter coat).
  • Underpants-refusing toddlers and choosing your battles.
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  • We both saw the eclipse. The journeys were a slog, but it was SOOOOOOO WOOORRRTTHHH it. Make your plans now for 2024!

  • Jenifer is having trouble dealing with bureaucracy (again). She gives herself a deadline of next week with Adriénne as her “obliger” helper/ outer accountability provider.  – See Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies

  • Adriénne stood up to her insurance company, but not as strongly as she wished… Jenifer explains how winning cannot be the metric for self-advocacy.


  • Adriénne’s Brazen BFF’s are her dear friends Janet & David Grouchy…They are always striving to live richer, more creative & adventurous lives, they aren’t afraid to try and fail, and they follow their curiosities wherever they may lead them. All of these things are inspirational, but most importantly they are just good people who always welcome us in with love and no judgment. 

  • Jenifer says her inspiration is Violet Strawderman, a former student who is kicking it in her first week as a college professor.

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