Season 2, #19: Summer Sauciness

Summer is winning at both Adriénne’s & Jenifer’s homes. But these two everyday experts keep challenging one another to level up in work & life… with the usual fun & ferocity of their trusted friendship. This month, they look for the light at the end of the summer tunnel, in the form of travel plans for Adriénne’s krewe and school starting soon for Jenifer’s kids. They discuss parenting, professionalism, and the many things that inspire and comfort them in times of difficult transitions.

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  • In an effort to embrace her new homeschooling lifestyle, Adriénne planned a family vacation around the total solar eclipse, and also booked a house in Asheville, NC for a month when presented with attending two different weddings taking place there 3 weeks apart.

  • Jenifer took herself on a date!! She abolished negative self-talk, visited a consignment store (Sassy Fox), took herself to dinner, ordered the duck, took a walk, & went home after the kids were in bed to eat ice cream by herself & watch TV.

    Take-away: Treat yourself the way you would expect to be treated by others on a date!!

  • Adriénne struggled with feeling uncomfortable when forced to travel differently than she normally would – and not wanting to fall into the trap of rigidity.

  • Jenifer says she did the same thing with comparing her new YMCA to her old YMCA.

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