#16: No Judgment! with Modern Femme

Katy Blevins Calabrese co-founded Modern Femme™, a convention and community that encourages women to “design a dynamic life that allows us to explore and challenge our professional ambitions while also cherishing space for the people that matter most in our lives.” We talk with her this month about the upcoming Modern Femme Convention (May 4-7, 2017 – wear your yoga pants!), authenticity, being present, grabbing opportunities, handling the hard stuff, and saying “yes to you.”

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Katy Blevins Calabrese

Katy Blevins Calabrese

Co-Founder, Modern Femme™

After a lifetime of faking perfection and clawing her way up the corporate ladder, Katy decided to drop the curtain and get real with her friends and family when life fractured into a thousand tiny pieces. She found herself lonely and burnt out on the other side of a freakish miscarriage and terrifying cancer scare along with a failed, abusive marriage that left her financially and emotionally devastated as a suddenly single mom to two young sons and a teenage daughter.

Her passion for Modern Femme™ is fueled by her personal journey from her own pain into her life’s purpose and the beauty she discovered in her own vulnerabilities. She believes that every woman deserves to feel loved, worthy, capable and confident, and that we all have the intrinsic right to design a dynamic life that allows us to explore and challenge our professional ambitions while also cherishing space for the people that matter most in our lives.

A self-professed, raging perfectionist with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, she is intimately familiar with the challenges of balancing life as a busy working mom and entrepreneur. In her words, the laundry is almost always, almost done. An expert in all things Super Mario Bros. and old school Nintendo, she spends her days at home with her new, super, crazy, amazingly awesome husband and kiddos, along with their giant wannabe-chihuahua 150lb. dog/chicken Gambit, one very large bearded dragon, Cricket, a handful of mostly alive fish and two twin black cats, Marcus and Leo.

  • Katy finally decided she was tired of living behind smoke and mirrors, and kicked her husband out for the final time. She knew things were about to get a lot harder, but if she could see it through the harder part, it would be worth it, because she deserved something better.

  • Adriénne filed the partnership tax papers for Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC!
  • Jenifer directed a show, gave multiple talks, got her house on the market, and started a huge business-to-business communication coaching contract for Professional Development Practice Lab!!!
  • Katy is working on identifying when NOT to speak, and when NOT to engage.

  • Adriénne has de-prioritized designing and building her own website. She would like to get it done before summer. Time to shift the priorities!

  • Jenifer procrastinates tackling something if she does not already know how to do it. She wants to get better at admitting when she doesn’t know something, letting herself experiment with figuring out how to do it, and tackling it sooner rather than later so it doesn’t become an overwhelming problem down the road.
  •  Katy’s Brazen BFF is God – for always showing up in their relationship.

  • Jenifer’s Brazen BFF is her 3-year-old daughter Meredith – for putting her full self out there with complete commitment.

  • Adriénne’s Brazen BFF is her friend Karen Tuerk, who always chooses to live the bigger life. 

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For more information, or to secure your spot at the convention in May, visit Modern Femme:

“It’s like farming. We plant these seeds. We water them. We watch them grow. And then we hope that everything turns out the way that we wanted, but we don’t know…”

“We facilitate it, but it’s happening because of the women who show up and participate in the conversation.”

“Bring your ears open!”

“Self awareness is not easy.”

“Embrace happiness and our purpose and our calling… and to hell with everyone else, quite frankly.”

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