#15: Taking the Leap with Jacki Paolella

Our guest this month is everyday expert Jacki Paolella, a sound engineer/ producer/ composer/ musician. She shares the steps to her success, including following her passion to focus and dig in, taking the leap even though it’s risky and it’ll never be the right time, and the realization that when you’re starting your own business, YOU get to decide that you’re qualified!


  • Made of Brass Moments —  1:30
  • Forgotten Brass Moments — 25:45
  • Contest announcement:  win a FREE 60-minute communication coaching session with Jenifer! — 36:47
  • Jacki’s story — 37:10
  • Our Brazen BFF’s — 1:15:55
  • Where to find Jacki– 1:24:25
  • Where to find us — 1:25:40
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Jacki Paolella

Jacki Paolella

Sound engineer/ Producer/ Composer/ Musician

Jacki Paolella is an audio engineer, producer, composer, musician, instructor, and some may say entrepreneur, based in Norfolk, VA. Her work has been featured on the radio, on television, and in feature films. She also performs in synthpop trio DJP and MrT, shoe-gaze rock band Wyteshayds, and improv electronic group Frozen Window. Recently, Jacki, owner and operator of TAPTAP Recordings, has joined forces with Jay Braye of Radio Ready Recording to form a new iteration of Clay Garden Recording Studio in Norfolk.

  • Jacki expanded her recording studio and acquired a previously-established studio that is 4 times the size of her former one!

  • Adriénne started a bullet journal – and has been reaping the benefits of tracking – with more decluttering, mindfulness, exercise, and sex!
  • Jenifer quit her job!!! And she has a great idea for a new show, and might start performing again.
  • Jacki didn’t help a woman stay dry in the rain.

  • As a child, Jenifer didn’t help a fellow school-mate who had fallen down and hurt herself.

  • Adriénne has been slacking in her late-February activism… and perhaps is letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  •  Jacki mentions J. Braye, her business partner at the new Clay Garden Recording Studio, and earlier in the podcast also mentioned Brad Rosenberg, who taught her the “burn your boat” concept from war, which it turns out can also be applied to creative living.

  • Adriénne’s Brazen BFF is her husband Manoli – co-parent/ best friend/ love/ fellow creative extraordinaire!

  • Jenifer calls out Adriénne for helping her with a big moving project… and all those people in the world who will come help out on a moment’s notice without expectation of reciprocation.

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“You’re never going to be like, well, I’ve got this extra 30% of energy and money to spend on something. What’s it gonna be?”

“You can’t be comfortable when you’re leveling up… You’re not going to be comfortable doing the stretch. You’re stretching everything to the limit, basically.”

“Everything that I’ve done to get myself here was incredibly risky.”

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