#13: Happy New Year!

This month Jenifer and Adriénne chat about starting businesses, wins for the year, and how their outlook for Brazen BFF is changing in 2017.

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  • We’re talking globally for 2016:

  • Jenifer instituted her “None of my Business” plan where she ignores stuff that she can do nothing about.

  • And she found herself amplifying her voice as a feminist. Both things she plans to continue into 2017.

  • Adriénne is becoming an expert at setting herself up to get things done – systems, life-hacks, templates, and whatnot.

  • Because she is amazing, says Jenifer. 

  • Jenifer fell off the exercise wagon in September (but otherwise she stayed consistent far longer than ever before).

  • Adriénne found herself over-reaching in her projects, and putting way too much on her list at a time.

  • In any case, we both vow to stop beating ourselves up over the small stuff because gosh there’s A LOT of small stuff.

  • We’re super grateful for the women who have suggested their companies, friends, and co-workers hire us.

  • Thanks, Brazen BFFs!

  • We are also calling out our listeners.

  • Thanks for the 1,000 downloads! We heart that you are listening and talking back.

Looking at 2016 and forward to 2017:

We talk:

  • work/life balance days,
  • date nights,
  • coaching clients, and
  • growing our business-to-business services.

Other 2017 goals:

  • Google hangouts with our listeners!!

  • 1500 downloads by June

  • Activate our Instagram presence – Do you have ideas? Must be funny, please, says Jenifer!

  • More art, more feminism, and more standing up for others. It’s gonna be a hard year and we are ready to step into the mud!

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Congratulations to Janis, our winner for December’s communication coaching contest!

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