#12: Juggling Work, a Side Business, Personal Creative Projects, a Family, and More!

This month Jenifer and Adriénne talk with Cassie Rangel, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, Image Maker and Creator of Twittering Bird, Pancake of the Week and other amazing stuff!

Cassie tells us about her career as a graphic designer, getting up the gumption to leave her agency of 12 years and start a corporate job, and creating her side business, Twittering Bird. We talk about creating art without an attachment to outcome, how New Year’s resolutions can prompt action (even if the action takes place the following December) – like Cassie’s iconic illustration of Norfolk. Her city illustrations, by the way, are also available at Kitsch in Norfolk – if they’re not sold out.

Cassie tells us how she invented pancakeoftheweek.com and how that led to working for Bisquick as a content provider. We learn how West Elm commissioned Cassie’s work and how even when we get what we want, actually accepting it can be hard.

We ask ourselves what qualifies as art and what does it mean to be an “artist?” Do those labels limit our playfulness and ultimately our work? Cassie, for the record, shuns the artist label, except when it comes to her artistic pancakes.

We discuss introversion at length and then we move on to juggling work, family, and personal projects. Cassie gets up super early to make her own images for Twittering Bird, and we all three expect our husbands to be equal partners at home.

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Cassie Rangel

Cassie Rangel

Designer and Illustrator, Creator of Twittering Bird

Based in Virginia Beach, designer and illustrator Cassie Rangel is best known for her colorful cityscapes highlighting each area’s most beloved landmarks, local fare and defining characteristics. Most recently, she was chosen to be a maker in the West Elm LOCAL initiative program.
When not working as an graphic designer in the hospitality industry or building elaborate block castles with her two young sons, she enjoys exploring her creative culinary side by making pancake art. She documents them on her blog Pancake of the Week and as a contributing blogger for Betty Crocker.
  • Cassie had TWO! She agreed to do this podcast, an activity far outside her comfort zone AND she erased “I’m sorry” from a communication for which she was emphatically NOT sorry.

  • Jenifer sent an intimidating business-promoting email to someone she didn’t know personally, but whose problem she knew she could help solve. [Spoiler — they went on to become a client, by the way — so woot-woot, Jenifer!]

  • Adriénne had unexpected company and just let her house be.

  • Cassie missed a bill. We forgive her because we’ve done it too and adulting is hard.

  • Jenifer did not handle an unexpected $1400 car repair bill well at all, and 

  • Adriénne fell out of her routines and allowed her house to become fully “summered” by her kids.

  • Cassie tells us about her mom – who really is super-mom. 

  • Adriénne tells us about her dream client, interior designer Julianne Casey. Adriénne designed & built the website and here it is. [You all should hire Adriénne too!]

  • Jenifer gushes about how much she loves Leslie Jones and the new Ghostbusters movie.

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To learn more about Cassie, her shop and other creative projects, please visit:

  • “Whenever you see me somewhere succeeding in one area of my life, that almost certainly means I am failing in another area of my life.” – Shonda Rhimes

  • “Having it all is what happens when market forces combine with powerful outdated gender norms to say, ‘You should really want to fully devote yourself to both of these things completely and do it without failing, and perfectionism isn’t a lie, and, and, and…'” – Ann Friedman


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