#10: Beautiful Dizaster

Our guest this month is Neisha Himes, a poet/ spoken word artist known as “Beautiful Dizaster,” who shares her story of surviving and eventually leaving an abusive relationship. Neisha inspires others with her performances and her advocacy, through which she works to stop the domestic violence cycle of abuse.


  • Made of Brass Moments —  4:10
  • Forgotten Brass Moments — 9:53
  • Contest announcement:  win a FREE 60-minute communication coaching session with Jenifer! — 16:00
  • Neisha’s story — 18:10
  • Domestic Violence RESOURCES — 45:30
  • Neisha’s story continued — 47:10
  • Writing & Performance as a healing tool — 53:50
  • How boxing helped Neisha deal with her anger as a survivor of domestic abuse — 1:03:20
  • Other stories of domestic violence and our interactions with others’ experiences of this — 1:10:23 [Neisha shares what women should do if they suspect another woman is in an abusive relationship. She reminds us that while women want the abuse to stop, they don’t necessarily want to relationship to end. As allies we must remain supportive and non-judgmental].
  • Our Brazen BFF’s — 1:31:30
  • Beautiful Dizaster’s amazing spoken word performance piece “I Used to Be You.”– 1:37:19

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Neisha Himes

Neisha Himes

Poet/ Spoken Word Artist "Beautiful Dizaster"

Neisha Himes is a New York born, New Jersey raised poet/spoken word artist hailing by the name “Beautiful Dizaster”.  Writing since she was a little girl, Neisha would begin performing spoken word many years later, after moving to Virginia.  Here, her enthusiasm for writing, performing and love for spoken word poetry as a whole would flourish. A survivor of Domestic Violence, she often uses her poetry to share her testimony and raise awareness for this deadly epidemic. She has performed both in and out of state, but speaking to students at schools and the women of domestic violence shelters holds a special place in her heart. Known for her shy demeanor and infectious smile, many are left surprised by the aggression and passion with which she speaks.  But at the end of each performance, all are left with a newfound understanding of just what it means to be a beautiful disaster.

  • Neisha took herself out on a date. She bought herself a meal, took herself dancing, and won a dance contest! Because she is a superstar. She also left her abuser and helps other women do the same.

  • Adriénne & Jenifer submitted a HUGE proposal  — bigger than they ever thought possible — to a business that needed their communication coaching services.
  • Jenifer almost let a moment of imposter syndrome keep her from applying for a job that was perfect for her. 

  • Adriénne discovered that she keeps herself from connecting with women she likes, because making friends is hard.

  • Neisha let fear keep her from taking steps to start her foundation … until today!

  •  Neisha calls out the amazing women in her life starting with her mother, Mae, who sacrificed for her children and is the ultimate best friend, her sisters: Lashieka, Ciji and Tiffany, and a long list of women who support her:Lynette, Cheri, Shelly, and Stephanie. And finally she tells us about her beautiful daughter Anyla.

  • Adriénne’s Brazen BFF is her resilient, confident daughter, Maia — who knows who she is and stands up for what she believe in.

  • Jenifer calls out Hillary Clinton who is making history for all of us.

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