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Mini Coaching Over Coffee
  • Getting interrupted all the time? Ready to negotiate a larger salary? Is it time to speak up? Ready to discuss your big idea? Is it time to address sexist comments? Planning a difficult discussion with a team member or boss?
  • 60 MINUTES
  • In person (coffee’s on us – if you can meet Jenifer in Louisville, KY) or online (you’ll have to provide your own coffee)
  • Learn Strategies to Calm Your Nerves
  • Define Your Goal
  • Decide What You are Going to Say
  • Practice Saying It
  • Power Up Your Body Language


Leveling Up with Your Brilliant Presentation
  • The stakes are high. And you’re ready to work HARD. Your next presentation might make your career. You need to make the best impression, so you can’t wing it this time. It’s time to be intentional about creating a brilliant presentation that will get you the job, the funding, or the election. Work with Jenifer to make sure that all aspects of your presentation: script, slides, and delivery are crafted to support you as you work for what you want. 
  • In Person (in Louisville, KY) or Online
  • Everything That’s Included in the Other Packages, Plus:
  • 360° Assessment and Review of Your Presentation
  • Develop Your Script to Make Sure You Are Communicating Effectively With Your Audience
  • Create Excellent Slides That Support Rather Than Detract From Your Presentation
  • Develop Your Authentic, Confident Self as a Presenter
  • Create a Personalized Warm Up Plan
  • Phone or Text Coaching on the Big Day
  • Jenifer Will be Your Accountability Coach. If You Aren’t Willing to Work Towards a Brilliant Presentation, This Package is Not for You

“I felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jenifer really empowered me. I feel like I am in control. That’s important – and a rare feeling!”

Martha Daas

Salary Negotiation Coaching Client

*Operated by Professional Development Practice Lab, LLC. We provide coaching services only and cannot guarantee results.
Our ideal client understands that progress requires effort. The return on your investment will depend upon your intentionality & action.

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